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Email Marketing for Amazon Sellers

It’s no secret that Amazon is, undoubtedly, a huge platform to gain exposure and drive your sales. As per a report stated in DataFeed Watch, about 89% of customers have expressed their preference to shop from Amazon above other stores. So, it is quite likely that Amazon sellers will find this sales channel quite attractive.

While all’s good when it comes to driving sales on Amazon, the brand visibility and growth that you’d desire for your business gets lost in the giant online e-commerce mesh. So, as an individual seller, how do you employ a marketing strategy that helps you connect to your customers while abiding by the rules set by Amazon?

If you think we’ll say email marketing, you’re absolutely correct! This marketing channel helps get the most out of the leads generated through your landing pages, and most importantly, you get to develop customer relationships, an element that goes missing when you sell on Amazon.

So, if we were you, we’d suggest that you delve into understanding why email marketing can be a feasible marketing option for you and how you can achieve better brand awareness from emails than any other forms of marketing.

Email Marketing Integrations
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Can Email Marketing be a Viable Marketing Tool for Amazon Sellers?

Yes, yes, and yes! And while you don’t have to take our word for it, look at the benefits email marketing has to offer when executed correctly -

Email marketing lets you nurture customer relationships

Emails come with the advantage of helping you build a brand that as sellers on Amazon you fail to achieve. These bits of communication let you connect with your customers more substantially and create an impression on the customers. Be it a initial welcome email or a promotional one, all emails provide you with equal chances to impact your subscribers.

Aids in repeat purchases

Emails give you the chance to encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Every time your customers get something from you, that ticks their expectation on quality and customer experience results in a loyal fan following of repeat customers. And, aren’t repeat purchases great? They become a big catalyst in driving up your business’s growth in no time! 

Gives you chances to lessen the competition

Generally, when an Amazon user types their requirement in the search box, you need to go on a big battle with all the other listings to exhibit your products on the SERP (Search Engine Results) Page. Even if you get to show in the listings, you will have your competitors fighting hard to steal the customer’s attention. 

Connecting people via email ids will help you drive traffic to your listings while reducing this fierce competition.

Now that you are familiar with how email marketing can help you, it’s time you understand how you can master the email marketing campaign to be on the top.

Effective Email Marketing Hacks for Amazon Sellers

Here are a few ideas that you can implement to enhance the results of your email campaign.

Learn the tactics associated with curation mails

As curate means to take care of the vitals, or significant items, curation emails, from an e-commerce perspective, are the ones where you can exhibit the best-in-class products per category sold in the last week or month. Along these are attached some high-quality pictures to pique the interest of the readers. 

Sending these on mails helps the customers to also keep track of the present trends in certain categories. For instance, if your customer is already searching for athleisure wear, and you send a curation mail that has the pictures of the ones sold best in the last month, there are high chances that he will click on the image and order the piece.

To master the tactics associated with curation mails, take somkberry, a US-based e-commerce company, does it. Although it is not a seller on Amazon, its efforts are worth inspiration. Here’s an example of how they excel in crafting curation mails.

Source : emailmastery

It displays the top trending products from different categories in a clear-cut way.

Referral email campaigns need to be executed well

Referral email campaigns

Every business out there will agree that referrals are a great way of swaying in more customers. And, the same is true for the sellers on Amazon. Nonetheless, it is not as easy as it seems. You need to strategize a full-proof referral email campaign. 

Begin with an invite email where you offer a briefing on the offer and get the customers excited for the road ahead.

Next, keep a reminder mail handy and make use of those when you see your response lower than expected. These emails should be a better version of the invitation emails and need to have the inputs presented in a crisper way.

Now, keep sending interesting incentives when you see your customers sharing your emails with their friends and family. It is seen that these encourage them more to keep sharing.

Finally, it’s time you send them reward emails for seeing what they have won from sharing. Moreover, try to use scoreboard emails to help the customers see each other’s progress. It encourages them even more, to win, which means more referrals!

Send email on upselling and cross-sell recommendations

Have you ever noticed that you ended up buying some tops when you went to buy a pair of jeans, too, as they were complementing well? And, in most probability, this was suggested by the seller? Now, these can be noted down as a variation of cross-selling recommendations seen in offline stores. 

The same can be done in the emails, too. If your customer has bought a certain product, you can recommend her things that will make a good pair. For instance, if your customer has purchased a beautiful sequin dress, recommend accessories like handbags and watches to complement the dress.

Being an Amazon seller, you will know how Amazon masters the skill of upselling and cross-sell recommendations of your other products listed on Amazon. It’s time you use them, too.

Work on cart abandonment issues

Work on cart abandonment issues

Cart abandonment is undoubtedly a big problem, not only for Amazon sellers but for all e-commerce companies. So, some work needs to be done here. 

As per reports released by Baymard Institute, 69-23% of times the products added in the cart can not make their way to a purchase. In most cases, it is due to some added charges during billing, expensive shipping, unsatisfactory navigation, etc. 

So, emails can be your way of working on all these obstacles. Provide them discounts that stay valid for a limited time, and eliminate the shipping charges, if possible. Although you need to make peace with the fact that not all cart abandonments will turn into a purchase, you will be happy when you, at least, see some making their way into “Orders Placed.” Though it is given that you won’t be able to turn all cart abandonments into a purchase, there are high chances that you will encourage many.

Before You Go

Before we recapitulate the significant points, we want you to be thorough with the selling policies and seller code of conduct set by Amazon. Here are the ones you need to know before getting into using the marketing techniques.

  • You need to make sure that you are providing genuine and updated information to Amazon and the customers.
  • The sellers have to ensure that they are acting fairly and are not taking undue advantage of any service offered by Amazon.
  • You cannot influence the ratings, reviews, and feedback given by the customers. For example, you cannot ask customers to write only positive reviews.
  • The sellers on Amazon should limit their communication to Buyer-Seller messaging and include the necessary messages regarding order confirmations or fulfillment. So your email marketing communications must not overlap with this Amazon seller code of practice in any way. Something to always keep in mind.
  • The seller should delete the customer information received during the order confirmations after the order has been processed.
  • You should not try to divert the customers of Amazon by sending links or messages that make them visit any other website.
  • The sellers cannot maintain multiple selling accounts except for some exceptional cases.
  • Being a seller on Amazon, you cannot file infringement notices as an agent of any brand. 

Not abiding by the above code of conduct and selling policies can result in actions such as suspension of payments, removal of selling privileges and may also lead to termination of the selling account in some cases.

Although Amazon offers its sellers a good number of benefits to smoothen their retail journey, it does not have any policy that can directly link them to the customers to increase their client base. And, this is what email marketing will let you have.

However, if you are already too preoccupied with your business thoughts, and manually sending out campaigns does not seem to be your cup of tea, then you can use email marketing software (ESP).

Out of many in the market, a software that comes with amazing features and offers excellent results would be SendX. This email marketing software is quite cost-effective, especially when compared to the other giants, and is created keeping in mind the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, such as yours. Its intuitive and extremely ready-to-use UI makes it easy to manage clients and execute campaigns, even if you are a newbie to the email game. 

Access 1500+  high-quality templates and send out campaigns and measure the result right from the dashboard.  Again, don’t take our word on how amazing the tool is! Rather, sign up and take a 14-day SendX trial, and we bet you’ll not want to give any other ESP a try! 

Now, when you are ready with the strategies, get into the field and implement them well to increase your customer base.

Happy Email Marketing!

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