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Convert Visitors to Customers

One of the most fundamental for web businesses is converting visitors to customers.

SendXs' powerful set of growth tools helps do just that! You can precisely target anonymous visitors on your website based on their behaviour and nudge them towards a predefined activity.


Engage with Customers

Every business wants to reduce churn by increasing customer engagement. Doing customer engagement at scale becomes exceedingly challenging.

Using SendXs' campaign engine, micro-targeting, drip sequences, automation engine and API platform you can trigger right communication to the right user at the right time.


Outbound Prospecting

If you are a growing startup or a small to mid-size business there are chances that not enough people know about your product or brand. In such cases, you need to proactively reach out to them rather than waiting for them to come to you.

SendXs' powerful platform ensures that your outbound prospecting works both on micro and macro levels. Outbound email drip sequences ensure that you reach out to potential leads on a macro level and reply automation help you engage and spend more time with the qualified leads.


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