Boost Your Web Business- The Traffic Funnel Way

Growing a web business is as challenging as running it smoothly. It’s even more so, when you want it to move at a quicker, predictable pace. But, it’s not totally impossible! One of the most important things for any web business is traffic.

Traffic- A Basic Idea

Obviously, to grow our business, we would require people to come in from various sources. In marketing terms, we’d call this- traffic. The main idea for growth of our business, is to direct maximum traffic to get acquainted with our business- after which they go through a ‘traffic funnel’. We’ll talk more about that, in a bit.

Traffic for Web Businesses

Now, as owners of a Web business, getting people to visit your website is the main priority. Traffic for you, would come from various sources such as social media, ads, and blog pieces.

In general, these sources could be grouped into three main classes:

  • Traffic you own: Your customers and subscribers, who you can reach out to at any point of time. (You always have some way to reach out to them, either by contact- mostly email , or your web push notifications.

  • Traffic you control (Paid traffic): Comes from ads you’ve put up at various places on the web, like say Google/Facebook etc. Here, the more money you put in, the more traffic you get.

  • Traffic you don’t control: This traffic comes from SEO, social media and blogs which refer to your site (guest blogs). You can’t quite predict how much traffic would come from here.

What is a Traffic Funnel?

Since they say a picture speaks a thousand words, here’s a (self-explanatory) pictorial representation of what we mean by a traffic funnel.

We’re all aware of the basic rules of marketing- you’ve to convert visitors to subscribers, and then convert them to customers - happy ones! A lot easier said, than done.
The traffic funnel, is essentially a logical regime of traffic flow that businesses follow, to get maximum subscriptions, and customers. It starts with the visitors to the website, who are slowly filtered down (using marketing strategies) to happy customers!

Directing Traffic Down the Funnel

No matter where the traffic is coming from, they all are equal in the eyes of this logical funnel. The ideal goal is to have every visitor subscribe, and eventually become a customer. Which means, you’d want every visitor to go through this traffic funnel. This ’travel down the funnel’ varies depending on the visitor, and it is our job as owners of our business to ensure this moves smoothly for all our traffic.

The First Step- Getting Subscriptions

Now, some visitors may take a just one web session to ‘go down the funnel’, whereas another bunch may require some extra ‘attention’, so to speak. A few methods you must incorporate are:

  • Breakdown the sources of your traffic, and give different types of ‘attention’, to the various sources- you must cater to their needs.
  • Set up the perfect landing pages for each source. The reason they’ve come there, (from social media or ads) is because they were drawn to it- and think they can relate to it. Keep them engaged, knowing where they are coming from.
  • Use Growth Tools like popups (which can get their email), or web push notifications.

Getting Leads from the Subscribed List

Once you’ve successfully converted these visitors to subscribers, the next logical step would be to get leads, qualified ones. This is where most of the work goes in- understanding why the visitor subscribed is very important. Just like we broke down the sources of traffic, we’ve to break down to where we got these visitors to subscribe from.

For websites, the only way to do this is to incorporate the concept of product awareness continuum. (Read more about it in our free e-book!)

You must know your target audience well. Each source of audience, requires personalized attention which can be done through automations such as email-drip sequences.

Once they start responding to these automations, you can start pinning them down as leads, and then qualified leads. (Some may take more time than others.)

Converting These Leads to Customers

Make your leads completely aware about your product- dedicate time, and resources.
Once you’ve cracked this, you should give yourself a cookie. Why? You now know what exactly your new customers expect from you. Also, this conversion is not an easy feat- you’d be surprised as to how many businesses fail terribly at this step.

Customers are at the end of this traffic funnel. They will continually expect more from you after this, which is where the concept of value ladder comes into picture- I will cover in the upcoming blog post. But you don’t have to wait! Download our Growth and Conversion Black Book to get access to Value Ladder and other concepts here!

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