Broadcast Campaigns

You want to send an email about your blog or product updates to a set of users then broadcast campaigns are perfect for you.

You can select the right audience and schedule them in advance. You can even add a touch of personalization to build a long lasting relationship.


RSS Campaigns

You have a blog and you want your subscribers to know when new blogs are up.

Don't worry we have got you covered. You can decide to send them weekly or monthly emails and choose from our list of custom designs.



You can decide to send emails to specific user groups based on:

- Lists ~ things they have subscribed to
- Tags ~ Activities / Actions they are performing
- Segments ~ Choose dynamic user groups based on and or conditions


Custom Scheduling

You can send campaigns right now or schedule them to happen on a specific date at a specific time.

You can also use automation rules to trigger them based on user activity such as email opens or email link clicks etc.


Deep Analytics

Get deep realtime analytics about email opens, clicks and replies. See the entire activity of users based on these activities.

You can also see which exact links in your email are performing the best and how your email stats are changing with respect to time.


Resend to Un-opens

Double your email engagement with our resend to un-open option.

Automatically your campaign mail is send to your subscribers who haven't opened it after a few days.

You can even change the subject line. We have seen email engagement doubling using this single button click.


Reply Automation

You can make your campaigns a two-way street by making them more engaging and incentivizing users to reply.

With SendX reply automation not only can you track users who reply but also start custom communication with them based on replies.


Google Analytics Tracking

You can create all links to Google Analytics tracking compatible links by enabling UTM parameters on your campaigns.

You can then co-relate how your mails are performing with the traffic and usage pattern on Google Analytics.


Trigger via Automation

At times you want to send one-off emails to your subscribers based on their activity such as webpage visit, email open, click, adding product to shopping cart but not purchasing etc.

You can use trigger via automation option in campaigns for such use-cases and see the magic unfold.



You can personalize email content using custom information about your audience.

You can also change email content using micro-targeting which is simple if ... else within your email. So you can say if user did activity A ( tag A ) then use Content X but if user did activity B ( tag B) then use Content Y for first paragraph of your email.

Micro-targeting is extremely powerful and can get your email game to the next level.


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