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20+ FREE HTML Email Templates for Email Marketing

Premium Responsive HTML email templates offered for free.

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With SendX, you get 20+ free email templates.

These templates are:

Responsive: Meaning, you will not have to worry about your email being adaptable to different devices or email clients. The template will automatically adjust the email width, font, and structure.

Customizable: These templates can be customized for fonts, colors, branding, some structural changes, images etc. You can make them feel like an extension of your website easily by using the drag and drop editor that SendX provides for editing the templates.

Free to use: These are free to use with SendX. You can try these to send your emails with a 14-day free trial with unlimited emails. No credit card or lengthy signups required.

Useful for various use cases: In our collection of 20+ templates, you can find something for a popular use case like the holiday season, newsletter, product launch, promotions, eCommerce, online courses, etc.

Let's explore these templates that fall into 8 different categories and see how each template will be useful for you:

Holiday Season Templates:

Holiday season templates are best for promoting sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or spring season sales. Templates have sections made for showcasing the discount, product images, price drop, and compelling CTAs.

Newsletter Templates:

These come with a well-placed hero image on top, sections for putting different content you want to share, and CTAs for each section. Attention has been given to text hierarchy with the headline, subheading, and text distinctly visible. The colors have been matched and coordinated to make these look professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Launch Templates:

These templates are made to keep the product/feature you are launching as the center point of the email. You can use these to launch products of an e-commerce store, Saas business, or online courses. With little tweaks, you can adapt them to any industry.

Promotion Templates:

These templates are great for running targeted segment offers, big sales, or store-wide promotions. You just have to change the text according to your discounts and brand. The structure, CTAs, and colors have been taken care of.

Basic Templates:

These are templates you can use for a variety of use cases like sending an invoice, showcasing one product from your collection, or sharing a newsletter. These have been built to work with any kind of industry, whether you work with food apps, Saas company, or sell an online course.

SaaS Templates:

This is a collection of templates useful for a Saas business. Here, you can find a template for sending invoices, showcasing your new features, or discounts for the holiday season.

eCommerce Templates:

This is a collection of templates great for an online store. You can find templates showing products with prices and CTAs, retargeting customers, newsletters, etc.

Online Courses Templates:

This collection is good for anyone working with informational products/courses or in the edtech sector. You can find a template for selling the course, another one for sharing some valuable information or to convince them to check out your course.

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Q: What is an HTML email template?

A: An HTML template is basically a reusable HTML file which can be reused to build multiple campaigns. Usually saved in your ESP, they provide a mould based on which you can add and further edit your copy, images, and links specific to a given email campaign.

Q: How are SendX’s email templates suitable for newsletters?

A: SendX provides email newsletter templates for various types of business such as eCommerce, Travel, Edu-tech, etc. These templates are responsive and tailored to suit the type of business for which they are designed. And you can directly start using them with SendX.

Q: Does SendX provide email templates for SaaS companies?

A: SendX provides various kinds of responsive email templates for SaaS companies, such as product launches, Black Friday sales, eBook download template, sending invoices over email, and service promotions.

Q: What kind of eCommerce related email templates are available with SendX?

A: SendX provides various kinds of responsive email templates for eCommerce business related to online shoe stores, electronic stores, online fashion store, online T-shirt sales, online eyewear sales, and for all kinds of businesses who send invoices email.