If this, then that

SendX automation are simple If this happens, then that should happen set of rules. They are super simple to setup and are very effective for putting your marketing automation on autopilot mode.

Using automation you can do things like if a user has opened my email they should be added a tag called interested user and be sent a followup mail after 3 days.


Intuitive interface

One of the things which people rave about while using our automation is how simple and elegant the entire interface is. We have tried to keep a fine balance between power and simplicity which our customers love.


Trigger on email open + click + reply

Perform custom actions on users email open, click or replied:

- On pricing link click add a tag called prospective paid user and start lead nurturing drip sequence.

- On XYZ product link click add a tag called interested in XYZ. Later you can send personalized emails based on this tag.

You can also automate your outbound prospecting using SendX eg: send a drip sequence of 3 emails to N people. Now anyone who replies to your first email shouldn't get your second and anyone who replies to your second email shouldn't get your third email.


Trigger on tag addition + removal

You can add or remove SendX tags manually, using our API or via automation. So a user can be added or removed tags based on triggers such as popup submission or email open, click, reply etc.

Using API you can also trigger them based on custom actions on your product eg: account verification or social sharing. You can infact map entire user lifecycle:

Registered -> Trial -> Paid -> Upgrade

using tags and then trigger tailor made communication over email based on tags which got added or removed.


Trigger on list lifecycle events

You may categorize different types of users in different user groups or lists eg: Book A buyers and Book B buyers.

Also a user may decide to receive only specific updates from your blog or company eg: product updates but no promotions by subscribing or unsubscribing from specific lists.

Based on subscribe or unsubscribe from a list you may like to have a very targeted and focussed communication to these user groups which is super easy to do with SendX automations.


Trigger on entering and leaving a segment

You can create segments of your subcribers based on either the activity they have done on your website, their email open, click, replies or the their custom fields data.

Based on their activity, subscribers keep getting added or removed from segments dynamically. With SendX automation rules you can trigger actions based on this.

Want to automatically send a casual Howdy! email to anyone who has not logged-in to your app in last 7 days?

With SendX segment automation trigger you can do just that ~ in auto pilot.


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