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You can user push notifications to reach out to users even when they are not on your website or email list.

They are great for pushing offers, time related reminders and new product launches. You will see an impact on revenue using push notifications.

In fact, the optin rates and click rates are in the range of 10-40%. Also you will be able to build an audience on mobile without building a mobile app.

Reach customers, even when not on your site

Your customers don't have to be present on your website. Nor do they have to open your emails.

You can reach them as long as they have a browser opened using a push notification. Real-time.


Build audience on web & mobile

Push notifications work on both web and mobile.

You can build a audience on mobile from your mobile website and have no need to build a mobile app.


Convert More. Automatically.

Push notifications have a much higher optin and click rate ( 10-40 %) in comparison to email.

Since the messages are short and occur as an interrupt to the end user hence the coversion rates are way higher than say email or SMS.


Revenue growth

Catch your visitors who are about to abandon their shopping cart or when you are doing flash sale or time limited offer.

They also work great for new product launches and webinar reminders. All the things directly tied to revenue growth.


Right message for the right audience at right time

Target push notifications based on device ( web or mobile ), geography ( New York or New Delhi ) or actions which your user performed ( abandoned shopping cart ? )

You can send push notifications to a specific segment and use automation to orchestrate them on a specific event or activity.


Custom images, action buttons & emojis

Use custom images to make your notifications appealing. Add action buttons so that people can shop directly by clicking on your notification and emojis to ensure they stand-out

We constantly incorporate latest developments happening on push notifications and so you have to never wait to get access to latest browser push technology.


Drip Sequence

You can create an automated series of push notifications which go to your users automatically.

They are great for new blog subscribers, webinar buildup or flash launch buildup.


Users in 90+ Countries

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