Email Sequence for the right audience

Drip sequence are series of emails which are sent after a specific time interval.

They are great for email courses, user onboarding and nurturing. You can have different drip sequences based on your audience group.


Drag and Drop interface

Our users love the intuitive drip interface which we have. You can quickly create a sequence of emails and then drag drop or reorder them.

You can also move some to draft if you are still working on them or add more emails in future.


Start + Stop via Automation

You can start or stop drip sequences using automation rules.

So when a user should start getting a email sequence and when it should stop is completely under your control. Using automation alongside drip sequences puts your engagement on auto-pilot mode.


Custom Scheduling

You can schedule your drip mails not to go over weekends.

You can also adjust the time at which they should go and the time interval between individual mails with our super simple scheduling features.


Deep Analytics

Detailed analytics about how each email in a drip sequence is performing ~ email open, click and reply rate is at your fingertips.

We also show which links are performing best and what is the best time to schedule your emails.


Reply Automation

With reply automation you can make your email sequences more engaging and start getting feedback from your customers and discover people who are most engaged with your brand.

You can also use reply automation to automate outbound-prospecting. So say you are sending email sequence of 3 emails to 1000 people and you don't want people who replied to 1st email to get 2nd and people who have replied to 2nd email get third. All this is possible using our reply automation.


Google Analytics Tracking

Enabling Google Analytics tracking lets your co-relate traffic on your website with your email drip sequences and campaigns.

You can tune and twist your email strategy based on how your emails are helping drive conversions.



You can personalize email content using custom information about your audience.

You can also change email content using micro-targeting which is simple if ... else within your email. So you can say if user did activity A ( tag A ) then use Content X but if user did activity B ( tag B) then use Content Y for first paragraph of your email.

Micro-targeting is extremely powerful and can get your email game to the next level.


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