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SendX provides various growth tools like widgets, embedded forms and landing pages which you can use to convert website visitors to customers.

Typically you will provide some valuable stuff for your visitors which may be in form of e-book, case-study or webinar. You may also use them to push new products or discounts.

You can trigger popups on exit behaviour, based on time, scroll percentage etc. You can also target it on specific pages or specific devices and even add your custom fields or images to make the most of it.

Grow your email list

Use the right popup or embedded form to convert your website visitors into subscribers

SendX growth tool set of popups and forms can help your list grow superfast with our high converting designs, call to action and smart display technology.


Increase conversions

Directing people to a new blog, offer, product update, demo signup etc. should take you less than 59 seconds to get up and running.

Full control on targeting ( device level and geo level ) and display behaviour ( web pages to show ) should drive up your conversions and have a clear impact on revenue.


Landing Pages that work

No more fiddling around with HTML and CSS and trying to spend hours designing that landing page that might convert.

SendX comes with beautifully designed pre-build landing pages that have a very high conversion rate. Simply choose the right themes, add the fields you want to capture and make it go live!


Easy to use embedded forms

Want to add a subscribe form on your website footer and autorespond with a welcome email when ever a visitor subscribes ?

SendX embedded forms let's you do just that. You can provide a free e-book, swipe file or product as a bait to your blog visitors.


Exit Popups

Catch your visitors who are about to leave your website with the right offer or call to action to boost your revenue.

Great for reducing cart abandonment and bouncing visitors. Our exit popup technology has driven conversions upto 1730% on an average.


Content Upgrade

Provide bonus content that is specific to the content that people are already reading or listening on your website using our content upgrade.

Unlike site wide lead magnets, content upgrades convert 5x or more.



Where SendX really excels is in having a seamless integration with lead generation and marketing automation.

After user has subscribed or clicked on a link you can start a drip email sequence for them. The drip sequence can be targeted based on which form or popup users came from and can automatically share your best content thereby nurturing these subscribers and eventually converting them to a customer.


Custom images and custom fields

You can use images from our selection or upload your own to get the most of our popups.

Also you can decide to collect any custom information from your visitors using custom fields. This helps you to have the right information about your users which can help you again use to have personalized email communication.


Right message for the right audience at right time

You can target your users based on mobile or desktop. You can also decide to show or hide them based on URL or UTM params.

Finer control over when and how to show popups like based on scroll, time, exit, entry or at what frequency lets you reach out to the right audience with the right message at the right time.


Built for mobile

No more worrying whether your widgets will look good on your mobile website or not.

All SendX widgets work seamlessly on mobile without you having to do anything. And yeah, you can always check our live preview to see for yourself.


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