Grow your email list

Use the right popup for the right occassion to grow your email list.

SendX popups can give a powerboost to increase your blog or website subscribers with our effective designs, call to action and smart display technology.


Increase conversions

Directing people to a new blog, offer, product update, demo signup etc. should take you less than 59 seconds to get up and running.

Full control on targeting and display behaviour should drive up your conversions.


Beautiful themes

We have different popups with various themes for different purposes:

- Top or Bottom Bars
- Modal Popups
- Full Page Popups
- Sliders

All of this alongwith some great default themes should help you get your lead growth engine chugging.


Exit Popups

Catch your visitors who are about to leave your website with the right offer or call to action to boost your revenue.

Our exit popup technology has driven conversions upto 1730% on an average.


Live Preview

No more guessing around how the popups will look on your website or if they will blend in.

You can customize their color, text, images, position and see how animation will actually look all in realtime with our live preview.


Right message for the right audience at right time

You can target your users based on mobile or desktop. You can also decide to show or hide them based on URL or UTM params.

Finer control over when and how to show popups like based on scroll, time, exit, entry or at what frequency lets you reach out to the right audience with the right message at the right time.


Built for mobile

No more worrying whether your popups will look good on your mobile website or not.

All SendX popup widgets work seamlessly on mobile without you having to do anything. And yeah, you can always check our live preview to see for yourself.



Where SendX really excels is in having a seamless integration with lead generation and marketing automation.

After user has subscribed or clicked on a link you can add appropriate tags to them and start right email sequences for them. This thoughtful and tailore made communication builds foundation for a long lasting relationship with your audience.


Custom images and custom fields

You can use images from our selection or upload your own to get the most of our popups.

Also you can decide to collect any custom information from your visitors using custom fields. This helps you to have the right information about your users which can help you again use to have personalized email communication.


Real time stats

You can check our stats about popups which are being shown and how conversions are happening in real-time.

Real time stats give you a better idea of what is working and what is not for your business. You can make changes so to push it in right direction.



Multiple growth tools. One powerful marketing platform.